DoctorWho: Flatline – My Little Review Type Thing (Possible Spoilers)

After the excellent run that Doctor Who has been on recently, I admit to being slightly worried that it couldn’t carry on.  I sat down to watch Flatline on Sunday after recording it on BBC One and was immediately hooked from the start.

From a shrinking Tardis, the Tardis going into siege mode (new and really liked that), Clara being “The Doctor” for an episode, fantastic special effects (in particular The Boneless) and, again, top performances for the lead, especially Jenna Coleman as she is the main focus in this Doctor-lite (not too much) episode.

The picture below shows one of my favourite moments of the series.


Again, there are some great guest appearances, my favourite being Jovian Wade as graffiti artist Rigsy and the extremely mean and nasty Fenton, played by Christopher Fairbank.  There’s also the appearance of “Missy” who is watching Clara on her iPad of all things.  Really looking forward to seeing where this is going.

This is a really good episode, keeps the excellent run going for this series and is something that I hope carries on as we get towards the series end.  I really loved how Clara took on the role of The Doctor, seeing what it’s like to be him and understanding, you would hope, how he is how he is.

Top stuff and can’t wait until the next episode.

Cheers for reading!!

Disclaimer: As I always say, not great at this thing but like to give an idea of what I enjoy.