DoctorWho: Flatline – My Little Review Type Thing (Possible Spoilers)

After the excellent run that Doctor Who has been on recently, I admit to being slightly worried that it couldn’t carry on.  I sat down to watch Flatline on Sunday after recording it on BBC One and was immediately hooked from the start.

From a shrinking Tardis, the Tardis going into siege mode (new and really liked that), Clara being “The Doctor” for an episode, fantastic special effects (in particular The Boneless) and, again, top performances for the lead, especially Jenna Coleman as she is the main focus in this Doctor-lite (not too much) episode.

The picture below shows one of my favourite moments of the series.


Again, there are some great guest appearances, my favourite being Jovian Wade as graffiti artist Rigsy and the extremely mean and nasty Fenton, played by Christopher Fairbank.  There’s also the appearance of “Missy” who is watching Clara on her iPad of all things.  Really looking forward to seeing where this is going.

This is a really good episode, keeps the excellent run going for this series and is something that I hope carries on as we get towards the series end.  I really loved how Clara took on the role of The Doctor, seeing what it’s like to be him and understanding, you would hope, how he is how he is.

Top stuff and can’t wait until the next episode.

Cheers for reading!!

Disclaimer: As I always say, not great at this thing but like to give an idea of what I enjoy.



#DoctorWho: Mummy On The Orient Express (Short Review my in SPOLIERS)


Doctor Who: Mummy On The Orient Express.

As soon as I saw the trailer for this episode I was very excited. I am a bit if a fan of some of the old horrors so to see The Mummy, the Orient Express (great look by the way, every detail just excellent) and it’s all set in space. What more could you ask for?  And the costumes? Awesome in every detail.

From the start I was hooked, the story set up nicely straight away and the 66 seconds to live addition was a stroke of genius, showing us the upcoming death in real time!

The effects were great and the guy playing the mummy certainly made him something to be scared without being too horrific.

Again, Peter Capaldi was on top for, as was Jenna Coleman; top performances.  The guest stars were also on top for, particularly Frank Skinner who, despite initial concerns before the show, was really very good, even having the chance of becoming a companion.

A couple of standout parts for me were the offering of jelly babies in the cigarette case and the “Are You My Mummy?” like from The Doctor after he changes things to have the mummy go for him rather than one of its actual victims.

For me, this series of Doctor Who is going from strength to strength and turning into a super season.

Roll on the next episode.


#DoctorWho: Kill The Moon (My Short Review inc SPOILERS!)

Been a while since I did this due to so much going on at home etc, but I thought I would try to get back to this, despite everything going on taking up so much time!


Anyway, the Doctor Who episode, Kill The Moon was an episode that was on yesterday and I watched it this morning.

In short, it was an excellent episode and, easily, one of my favourites of the season so far! From the main cast to the guest stars, performances were great. Special praise, for me, to Jenna Coleman who, through the whole of this series so far, has proved what a wonderful actress she is.  Capaldi was superb as ever, Hermione Norris is probably the best guest star so far and it was nice to see Ellis George as Courtney in a bigger appearance. 

The story was great, the moon being an egg was, unexpected, but a decent surprise. The alien laying a new egg, in essence giving a new moon was a nice idea but easily expected. Creepy spider aliens, great “make you jump” moments made this a great story and excellent episode! The setting for the moon was spot on and, finding out it was filmed in Lanzarote was a big surprise! Shows that a lot of effort went in to ensuring that everything was right. Great production!

Anyway, really enjoyed it and one of the top episodes of the series!!

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of #Superman (Pilot Episode – 1993) – My (Short) Review


After being on a Superman roll recently, watching all 4 Christopher Reeve movies, I thought I’d go for the Lois & Clark: The New Adventures Of Superman TV series next. 

This began in 1993 and starred Dean Cain as Clark Kent/Superman and the lovely Teri Hatcher as Lois Lane. 

The story shows Clarks arrival in Metropolis and looking for a job at The Daily Planet.  At first he gets turned down due to a lack of experience.  He goes out, gets a story about an old theatre about to be knocked down and, ultimately, on reading it Perry White gives him a job.  Lois and Clark end up teaming up on a story about a conspiracy regarding the launch of a space ship.  Clark is unable to use any of his powers to help others as it would expose him and possibly stop him leading a normal life.  Therefore, along with his mother Martha, he goes about designing an outfit in order to combat this.  There are some funny ones shown along the way before deciding on the iconic outfit he is remembered for.  This helps with his quest to help people and save the day.  After flying Lois to The Daily Planet, she then gives him the name, Superman. 

I really enjoyed this series when it first aired in the UK and am still fond of it now.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not perfect and it does have some very silly storylines scattered throughout its four series’ but there was always enough to keep me interested. 

Dean Cain as Superman was always watchable, although it was always a wonder that no-one realised Clark and Superman were the same person.  It was much more obvious than Christopher I think.  Along with Teri Hatcher as Lois they always had very good chemistry.  Cains goofy Clark Kent and Hatchers strong-willed and beautiful Lois Lane were always very good together. 

John Shea as Lex Luthor was always great to watch and pretty much stole all scenes he was in.  He was definitely a worthy villain. 

Perry White, played by Lane Smith, again, always great when on screen and super for the part.  Michael Landes, a short lived Jimmy Olsen (before being replaced by Justin Whalin) was ok but a little annoying at times.  Clark’s parents were played by K Callan and Eddie Jones.  Their story was obviously changed throughout the series as Jonathon was there to see Clark fly the coop to Metropolis.  They were lovable enough though.  There was also Catherine “Cat” Grant played by Tracey Scoggins.  She was pretty much just eye candy in the Planet offices and didn’t really add much in my opinion.  She only lasted the first season before leaving.  Not a loss really. 

All in all, the Pilot is/was enough to keep people interested and was well received as the show lasted 4 seasons before leaving us with a big cliffhanger. 

This is probably a marmite type show; you’ll either love it or hate it but me?  I enjoyed it. 

I’ll give the pilot a 7/10 

As always, cheers and thanks for reading. 

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