#Batman: The Dark Knight Returns – My (Short, Very Short) Review


Picked this up in the library for a read. I can’t actually believe I don’t own a copy as this is one of the best graphic novels I have ever read.

It comes from Frank Miller and features a fantastic story, super, atmospheric art.

It’s now spawned a two part movie which is also of high quality.

A brilliant book that I would recommend to any Bat-fan for a read.

Frickin’ Awesome!!

That is all……….



#Superman: Dark Knight Over Metropolis. Graphic Novel (Short) Review

Plot – When a dead body turns up with a Kryptonite ring and a bus ticket from Metropolis, Batman has no choice but to follow the clues where they lead – the home city of the Man Of Steel.


I picked this up from my local library a week or so ago and have just had the chance to read it.

It starts off with a story called Skeeter. It’s an odd story and one I probably wouldn’t associate with Superman or Batman. It’s a kinda vampire tale, probably more suited to a Vertigo title than this. Doesn’t have anything to do with the main story and is just filler.

The next story is The Limits Of Power. This has a Fantastic 4 type feel to it. Four people, problems in space and suffer radiation. However, in this one, instead of them all gaining powers (which they kinda do) the end up passing away with the exception of one of them. An okish story but more filler.

Then there’s the main story, Dark Knight Over Metropolis, and main plot. Superman and Batman make a good team and this is a decent story that features Intergang, Gangbuster, Chiller and Shockwave among others. Good stuff.

Nice art all the way through and a good Sunday afternoon read.

While it’s good, it doesn’t blow me away this book so I’ll give it a 6/10.

As always, thanks for reading and apologies that I’m not the greatest with “the words”.