#DoctorWho: Mummy On The Orient Express (Short Review my in SPOLIERS)


Doctor Who: Mummy On The Orient Express.

As soon as I saw the trailer for this episode I was very excited. I am a bit if a fan of some of the old horrors so to see The Mummy, the Orient Express (great look by the way, every detail just excellent) and it’s all set in space. What more could you ask for?  And the costumes? Awesome in every detail.

From the start I was hooked, the story set up nicely straight away and the 66 seconds to live addition was a stroke of genius, showing us the upcoming death in real time!

The effects were great and the guy playing the mummy certainly made him something to be scared without being too horrific.

Again, Peter Capaldi was on top for, as was Jenna Coleman; top performances.  The guest stars were also on top for, particularly Frank Skinner who, despite initial concerns before the show, was really very good, even having the chance of becoming a companion.

A couple of standout parts for me were the offering of jelly babies in the cigarette case and the “Are You My Mummy?” like from The Doctor after he changes things to have the mummy go for him rather than one of its actual victims.

For me, this series of Doctor Who is going from strength to strength and turning into a super season.

Roll on the next episode.



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