#DoctorWho: Kill The Moon (My Short Review inc SPOILERS!)

Been a while since I did this due to so much going on at home etc, but I thought I would try to get back to this, despite everything going on taking up so much time!


Anyway, the Doctor Who episode, Kill The Moon was an episode that was on yesterday and I watched it this morning.

In short, it was an excellent episode and, easily, one of my favourites of the season so far! From the main cast to the guest stars, performances were great. Special praise, for me, to Jenna Coleman who, through the whole of this series so far, has proved what a wonderful actress she is.  Capaldi was superb as ever, Hermione Norris is probably the best guest star so far and it was nice to see Ellis George as Courtney in a bigger appearance. 

The story was great, the moon being an egg was, unexpected, but a decent surprise. The alien laying a new egg, in essence giving a new moon was a nice idea but easily expected. Creepy spider aliens, great “make you jump” moments made this a great story and excellent episode! The setting for the moon was spot on and, finding out it was filmed in Lanzarote was a big surprise! Shows that a lot of effort went in to ensuring that everything was right. Great production!

Anyway, really enjoyed it and one of the top episodes of the series!!


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