#CatchingBullets: Memoirs Of A Bond Fan by @Mark0Connell – My (Short) Book Review


Being a Bond fan, this was a must read book for me. Others obviously had the same thought and I was lucky enough to have this book given to me as a gift. And what a gift…..I’ve now just finished my second read of the book.

This books takes us through Mark O’ Connell’s life, so far, as a fan of James Bond, telling us of his first 007 movie, recording them onto to BASF video tapes from TV, posters on his wall, wolfing down his Christmas dinner in time to watch the Bond movie that’d be showing, picking up ex rental videos from his local garage, his love of Sir Rog and all other manner of cool, yes cool, Bond moments from his life. Oh, and not forgetting his obsession with the lovely Maud Adams (who we hear from at the end of the book).

The book brings back so any memories for me as myself and Mark are of a similar age. Ok, maybe I’m a year or 2 older, haha! No matter though, it brings about so many memories of my own time as a fan of James Bond, in particular as a youngster.

Mark also gives us his own unique thoughts on all the Bond movies (barring Skyfall) and makes some very valid arguments for movies that may be less popular than others.

We are also told about Marks grandfather, Jimmy, who was a driver for Eon for many years. This is very heartwarming stuff, especially reading how highly thought of Jimmy was at Eon and, in particular, by Cubby Broccoli.

This is a Bond book, written by a Bond fan and written for Bond fans. However, even non Bond fans would find this a super read.

I cannot recommend this book enough to any James Bond fan who may read this.

A triumph for Mark.

Now that Skyfall has come and gone, I’d love to see an update or just the next chapter in Mark’s 007 fandom. Sure it’d be more of the same great stuff.

Fantastic stuff and I’m sure I’ll go back and read it again!!

Thanks for reading as always.

As I’ve said before, I’m not great with the words but I hope you enjoy reading this. Cheers……

You can read more on the book and more from Mark at http://www.markoconnell.co.uk


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