#RoboCop (1987) – My (Short) Movie Review……..


(After watching last night, this is re-posted from my older blog)

Plot – In a dystopic and crime-ridden Detroit, a terminally wounded cop returns to the force as a powerful cyborg haunted by submerged memories.

A cheap as chips buy from my local Sainsbury’s, RoboCop. One of my favourite movies to watch, Robocop was a movie ahead of its time.

It’s an action packed movie with state of the art special effect for its time. A super story, with lots in it that is still relevant in the world today.

Peter Weller is super as Alex Murphy, brutally murdered and whose body is then used to become RoboCop. To be honest Wellers’ performance as RoboCop himself outshines and part of his, short, time as Murphy but then, that’s how it should be I guess haha. Excellent.

Then we have Nancy Allen as Murphy’s partner, Officer Anne Lewis. Again, great performance. As Lewis she soon figures out that RoboCop is, in fact, Murphy himself.

The villain of the piece is Clarence Boddicker, played with gusto by the, always excellent, Kurtwood Smith. Boddicker, with help from his goons, being the man who murdered Alex Murphy, along with his band of goons.

Other great actors in this include Ronny Cox as Dick Jones, number 2 at OCP (Omni Consumer Products), and Miguel Ferrer as the man behind the creation of RoboCop, Bob Morton.

This movie went on to spawn not only 2 sequels of differing quality but also a TV series, cartoon series’, 4 more TV movies, comics etc etc.

As you’ll also know RoboCop has been rebooted for today and has received mixed reviews. Myself, I’m gonna wait for now before I see it and keep the memory of the original.

For me, an easy 9/10.

Cheers and thanks for reading……..





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