My #JamesBond #Bondathon Now Up To Live And Let Die – My (Short) Review……

Plot – 007 is sent to stop a diabolically brilliant heroine magnate armed with a complex organization and a reliable psychic tarot card reader.


So, my Bondathon closes the Connery chapter………for now and rolls on to New Bond on the Block, Roger Moore.

After the pre-title sequence, where 3 MI6 agents are killed, we’re introduced to Moore’s 007 between the sheets with a beautiful Italian agent. This pretty much sums up Roger Moore as James Bond.

Moore certainly makes his mark as Bond in Live And Let Die playing 007 in a way we’ve never seen before, totally different to anything that Connery or Lazenby did. And it’s a good thing, bringing a whole new freshness to the Bond movies. I have a lot of love for Roger Moore as 007 although I think the best is Connery. If Connery is the best then Moore is my favourite.

As for the villain, well that is Kanaga, played by the brilliant Yaphet Kotto. He’s the heroine “magnate” with a ploy to take over all heroine dealing business. Kotto does a great job in this, especially as he is also playing Kananga’s alter ego, Mr Big.

One of the other villains is the very memorably Tee Hee, him of the claw for a hand. Julius Harris is excellent in this role. There’s also the very excellent Geoffrey Holder who plays Baron Samedi (That’s Saturday for those who speak French).  Apart from Bond himself, one of the most memorable of characters.

The Bond girls of the movie; first of all we have the Queen Of Cups, Rosie Carver, played by Gloria Hendy. Far from my favourite Bond girl she had an important part in the movie and played the dizzy CIA / double crossing agent very well.

The other, main Bond girl, is the stunning Jane Seymour who plays the tarot card reader Solitaire. One of the favourite Bond girls of the series, Seymour is excellent as the innocent, virginial (until Bond has his way) psychic. Seymour is gorgeous and it’s no wonder she’s a favourite.

There’s also Clifton James as Sherrif J W Pepper for comedy value, Felix Leiter, played, for the first time, by David Hedison (he returns in Licence To Kill) and the appearances of the ever dependable Bernard Lee as M and Lois Maxwell as Moneypenny. Unfortunately there is no appearance this time from Desmond Llewellyn’s, Q, which is a shame.

This is a great movie that flows along nicely and is a great introduction to Bond as played by Roger Moore.

A couple of things that bother me are the introduction of Moore as Bond. I know finding him in bed is a typical Moore, Bond moment but it doesn’t hit you like if should. Just my opinion. Also, again my opinion, not the best pre-title sequence. Don’t get me wrong, it sets the movie up nicely but I guess I’m used to being spoilt.

Great music as always and super title song from Paul McArtney and Wings.

Anyway, excellent first Bond movie for Sir Rog. As always, I’ll not be marking Bond movies out of 10.

So, cheers and thanks for reading……


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