#Superman 4: The Quest For Peace (1987) – My (Short) Movie Review


Ok so after watching Superman 3 a few days ago (and forgetting to write about it here); last night I watched the last of the Christopher Reeve, Man of Steel movies.
Superman 4: The Quest For Peace is, probably the world over, regarded as the worst of the Superman movies to be released and was one of the nails in the coffin for Cannon Films.
As said before, Christopher Reeve is back in his final performance as Superman in this plain to see, lower budget Superman flick.  He does his best but it’s nowhere near good enough to save this 1987 movie flop.  Reeve also had a hand in the story.
The much lower budget is plain to see from the off, the opening credits nowhere near as effective as the original and done cheaply for all to see.  But the low budget spreads through the whole of the movie; scenes supposedly set in New York (the United Nations building) were in fact filmed at an industrial site in Milton Keynes , UK with minimum extras etc.  Some scenes with Superman “flying” towards the camera are also done on the cheap as they show the same film of him flying.
The plot revolves around the nuclear arms race and when a young lad writes to Superman asking him to rid the world of nuclear missiles etc, Superman collects them all and throws them into the sun.  Lex Luthor takes advantage and, after stealing a strand of Supermans hair, does a bit of science-y stuff, attaches his “genetic matrix” top a missile, it gets thrown to the sun by Supes and a ball of fire is, erm, fired out developing into Nuclear Man.  Then there’s the standard battle between Supes and Nukes, Supes suffers radiation sickness from a scratch by Nuclear Man, recovers, more battling with some on the moon and, well, we know how it ends.
There’s also a side story of The Daily Planet being taken over by tabloid tycoon David Warfield who wants to turn the Planet into a sleazy tabloid newspaper and increasing sales.  Staff aren’t happy, Perry White especially and he gets the money together to become major shareholder and the newspaper stays at it is.  Pretty much a filler story as the movie could have been a lot shorter.
Gene Hackman returns as Lex Luthor and even he can’t save this movie giving a rather lacklustre performance from those he’d starred in before.
One bright spot is Margot Kidder as Lois Lane ; she plays her part as she has done before and is a definite plus point in this film.
We’re also introduced to Lenny Luthor, nephew of Lex and Lex’s partner in crime (Ned Beatty have more sense than to come back???).  He’s played by Jon Cryer and really adds nothing to the movie apart from a very good impression of Otto from The Simpsons.
There’s the usual suspects of Jackie Cooper and Perry White and Mark McClure as Jimmy Olsen but, all told they don’t put the performances in as before (probably not their fault but with a limited budget and low-budget movie director in Sidney Furie it’s most likely expected).
This is not a good Superman movie at all with only slight plus points.  From poor special effects due to the low budget to lacklustre performances from the actors it’s rightly said that this is the worst of all Man of Steel movies.  Not the best of Superman movies for the excellent Christopher Reeve to bow out from.
For me it’s a 2/10, which is a shame as I’m a fan of Superman.
Thanks for reading………………


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