My #JamesBond #Bondathon Reaches You Only Live Twice – A (Short) Movie Review……


As I’ve been going through one of my yearly Bondathon, I’ve reached On Her Majestys Secret Service (more on that in my next post) but first I watched the last Bond before Sean Connerys one movie break, You Only Live Twice.

In all honesty, I love all things 007 but I’m not so biased as to say all the movies are so wonderful. I know some lack the quality of others and I’ll be honest in what I say. I’ll still love them though.

You Only Live Twice is one of these movies that probably lacks the quality of some others.

It does have some great points though, Donald Pleasance as Blofeld, Little Nellie and the magnificent Volcano Lair setting. The volcano lair being one of the most impressive sets of the Bond movie series. Ken Adam certainly set the bar high.

Again, we’ve got Sean Connery as 007, he does his bit in this movie but gives the impression that’s he’s kinda bored with the role and went through the motions before finishing his first James Bond tenure.

Two Bond girls in this movie (both oriental beauties), first off all we have, before her untimely death, Aki, played by Akiko Wakabayashi. Then we have Mie Hama as Kissy, who spends the last act in nothing much more than a bikini. There’s also Helga Brandt played by the red haired and voluptuous Karin Dor. She gives the feel of a Fiona Volpe type character but with a much worse fate.

Bonds ally in Japan, comes in the form of Tiger Tanaka played by Tetsuro Tanba. He’s pretty much Japan’s version of M but with a cool subway train to help get him around.

The villain is Ernst Stavro Blofeld, played with excellent villainy by Donald Pleasance. Great actor to have in the role.

Then we have the dependable Bernard Lee as M, Lois Maxwell as Moneypenny and Desmond Llewellyn as “Little Nellie’s” father, Q. All great, as always.

Throw in Teru Shimada and Charles Gray (later to play a bigger part in Diamonds Are Forever) and you have a great cast.

Unfortunately, this isn’t one of the great Bond movies. It’s good, but there is something missing. A spark and maybe that’s why Connery very much looks like he’s come to the end of his time as Bond (but we all know what happened a few years later).  Or maybe it’s the story, the writing? I’m not sure.

For me…….ah, I’m not marking Bond movies out of 10. Being a massive Bond Fan that’s something I won’t do.

Anyway, cheers and thanks for reading (Comments etc always welcome!)…….


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