#CyborgCop (1993) – A (Short) Movie Review


First of all, yes, I have this on DVD, along with the second one having bought them recently.

I’ve never seen this but kinda got the urge to after reading the SFX Magazine,RoboCop special, where it gains a mention.

Anyway, this movie stars straight to DVD action “star” David Bradley as Jack Ryan (no, not that one haha), who’s on the search for his who has been on a mission gone wrong and, ultimately turned into a Cyborg. Hence the name diverge movie. It easy to see why Bradley be a DVD only actor, he doesn’t really have the acting chops or charisma to carry a big movie. He’s not all bad though, he has some excellent fight scenes that are a cross of Van Damme/Seagal and he pulls them off ok.

The love interest is played by the lovely Alonna Shaw as Kathy. You may well know her from the Van Damme action flick, double impact. As with that movie she does a similar thing, showing off a bit of flesh. Doesn’t add anything to the story but is added anyway. To be honest the love scene is probably her best bit of acting in the movie. The rest? Very over the top and not executed well.
The main villain is Kessel, played by the usual dependable John Rhys-Davies. Wow, he doesn’t half ham it up in this. He may be British but the Northern accent he was putting on left a lot to be desired and very odd. Again, his performance is jot great and he’s done better.

Jack Ryan’s brother, Phillip, is played by Todd Jensen. Luckily for him, after his transformation into a ccyborg any acting skills go out of the window, not needing to do much. The other cyborg (no name) is played by Rufus Swart (RIP), again not too many skills needed to do what he had to do.

Within the movie the actions are ok for a low budget action flick and it does have its fair amount of explosions, which is always good. The finishing of the cyborg is something we’ll probably never see again either. Strange. 

Special effects are as you’d expect but I was particularly unimpressed with the cyborg arm and legs which were quite clearly made from rubber.

To be fair this is a movie I’d watch again despite it being pretty poor. Always quite enjoyed these cheap action flicks, although some are better than others and this isn’t too great.

For me it gets a 4/10.

Cheers and thanks for reading..,,,,


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