#Superman 2 – A (Short) Movie Review


Last night was a lovely relaxed night in our household after having a bit of good news for a change.  The wife was nicely chilled with a blanket and pillows on the couch so I was left to watch whatever I wanted.  So, after watching Superman: The movie a couple of nights ago, I decided to throw on my bluray copy of Superman 2.
From what I know Superman: The Movie and Superman 2 were filmed at the same time and, therefore, there is a lot of familiarity with the story and characters within.  Superman 2 starts off with a brief recap of the first movie which is nice before starting the new.
This movie brings in the 3 characters introduced at the beginning of the first movie who are imprisoned on Krypton and, inadvertently Superman brings about their escape here.
Obviously, we have Christopher Reeve back as the Man of Steel and, again, he just fits the role perfectly giving a great performance and we also have Margot Lane excellent again as Lois Lane .  There’s also the wonderful; Gene Hackman as Lex Luthor, Ned Beatty as Otis, Jackie Cooper as Perry White, Valerie Perrine as Miss Teschmacher and Marc McLure as Jimmy Olsen – all back from the first movie.
As were introduced in Superman: The movie we have the 3 villains of General Zod, played by the ever-excellent Terence Stamp who gives the role his all, Ursa played by the evil but rather sexy Sarah Douglas and the silent but deadly Non played by Jack O’ Halloran.  A great cast I’m sure you’ll agree.
The action is ramped up in this movie with some great scenes such as the villain’s arrival in Houston and their “battle” with the armed forces.  For me though, the battle in Metropolis between Superman and Zod, Ursa and Non is an absolute joy to watch, a fantastic spectacle that holds up very well today.
There’s the love story that blossoms between Clark/Superman and Lois, there’s the effects of Superman having his powers taken away and much more.
It’s another great superhero movie, but I don’t think it stands up to the first.  There are a few moments that border on slight slapstick and set a little scene for things to come in 3 and 4.  But that’s not to say that it isn’t great, it really is and I love it.  I just prefer the first one.

There is also another version of Superman 2, The Richard Donner cut, however I haven’t seen this so can’t comment on it. I am looking for it though and plan on buying the Christopher Reeve DVD set where this is included.
For me, it’s an 8 out of 10……………
Cheers and thanks for reading


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